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Inspections with Attention to Detail

Keep your operations running smoothly with tubing and pipe inspection services from itRobotics. Increase the safety of your operations and minimize the risks of costly loss of business.


Coiled Tubing Inspection Services

Regular assessment of Coiled Tubing (CT) strings is key to early detection of small defects that evolve rapidly to costly CT failures and premature disposal of strings. Our inspection meets the requirements of all specifications of CT inspection, including the most stringent. This includes the detection of imperfections, such as tubing corrosion, as well as measurement of wall thickness, outside diameter, and ovality along the entire length of the tubing. Additional services include bias weld inspection, remaining string life computations. Contact us at 1 (281) 313-7900 to learn more about our coiled tubing and robotic pipe inspection service.

New Developments

itRobotics continues to develop new inspection tools to find solutions to satisfy market needs for energy industry tubulars that do not have current or adequate solutions. For information about our newest tool, the ECTAS III, contact us.