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For more than 15 years, itRobotics has provided clients with world class tubing and pipe inspections services and technologies.

Coiled Tubing Inspection Systems

Our field proves state-of-the-art inspection systems for coiled tubing encompass the following features:

  • Monitor the Tube at Operational Speed Continuously and in Real-Time
  • Measure Wall Thickness, Outside Diameter, and Ovality Accurately and with High Spatial Resolution
  • Detect Tubing Imperfections including Corrosion, Pinhole and Mechanical Damage
  • Save You Money by Extending the Life of Your Coiled Tubing Strings
  • Eliminate the Cost of Premature Coiled Tubing Failures with Inspection
  • Ensure Safety and Enhance Asset Reliability with Regular Inspections
  • Perform inspections according to specifications including the API 5ST Standards

New Developments

itRobotics continues to develop new inspection tools to find solutions to satisfy market needs for energy industry tubulars that do not have current or adequate solutions. For information about our newest tool, the ECTAS III, contact us.

Robotic Pipe Inspection Systems

Our autonomous, tether-free robotics crawlers target internal inspection of small-diameter pipes and non-piggable pipelines. Our tools' competitive advantages include the ability to slow down, stop, and reverse direction to more thoroughly inspect portions of pipe with suspected damage, and the ability to negotiate severe bends including one-diameter 180-degree bends. They encompass the following features:

  • Autonomous Locomotion (Forward and Reverse)
  • Tether-Free Operation
  • Ability to Negotiate Severe Bends Including One-Diameter 180-Degree Bends
  • Wall Thickness Measurements
  • Detection of Pipe Imperfections Including Inside and Outside Surface Corrosion, Pitting and Cracks
  • Accommodation of Variations in Pipe Diameter
  • Sustainable On-Board Energy Source
  • Miniaturized on-Board Sensors
  • Data Storage Capabilities
  • Software for Automated Data Analysis

Marine Riser Inspection System

itRobotics is still under development for an inspection system for Marine Risers. This tool will be capable of measuring wall thickness and detecting mechanical damages and pipe imperfections both on the interior and exterior walls without the removal of the buoyancy modules. Additionally, this tool will be able to inspect the integrity of the transverse and longitudinal weld lines.